Monday, 27 June 2016

What is ArtSure?

ArtSure is basically a register of prints that meet the Fine Art Trade Guild's highest standard for printing. All prints that meet the criteria are given an individual registration number and can be viewed on the ArtSure section of the Fine Art Trade Guild's website:

The benefits for the Artist are that the registration establishes the quality of the prints and differentiates them from all the 'cheap' reproductions on the market today. It also reassures their buyers that the print is going to last and remain a faithfully reproduction of the original. There's an additional but not stated benefit for the Artist; it establishes the date of the work - important for copyright.

The benefit for the buyer is mainly that they can be sure the print they've bought won't fade or discolour, and it'll hold a realistic value. It will also sit comfortably in a frame with no 'cockling' or distortion over time. But the biggest benefit is that it will look good, so good that you'll think it was the original!